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Our proprietary CasePlannerPro transcript delivery software gives you access to your exhibits, transcripts, and annotations wherever and whenever you need them within your own private law firm library.

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Every transcript received from NJSTENO comes with an automatic 30-day preferred rate discount, allowing you the opportunity to save your clients money. Call us at (800) 636-1136 to schedule your next deposition or EUO and let the savings begin.

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As our way of saying thank you for your business, NJSTENO will deduct 10% off of the first completed deposition you schedule with our firm. Call (800) 636-1136 to schedule your next deposition or EUO.


NJSTENO is a technology-driven court reporting firm, combining the accuracies of traditional court reporting with the convenience, speed and efficiency of today's latest technologies. Our decades of experience working with the legal and insurance industry lead us to create CasePlannerPro, our proprietary transcript production and delivery software. With CasePlannerPro as our platform, NJSTENO is able to provide our clients (some of the largest insurance carriers and law firms in the country) with the fastest, most cost efficient court reporting services in the country.

Throughout our history, we have worked with many of the largest insurance carriers in the nation. By developing new technologies to address their specific cost-containment and efficiency needs, NJSTENO has continued to be their preferred, cost-efficient provider of court reporting services.

At NJSTENO, our feature-rich transcripts can be delivered faster than any other agency in the country. In addition, our seamless transcript repository allows you to collaborate effortlessly with your support staff, expert witnesses, or claims professionals, all from within your firm's private library. For quality, fast turnaround time, and great pricing, make NJSTENO your preferred court reporting firm.